Ahscap Packages

Price: 500 - 510
Profit/Month: 160%
Profit/Year: 180%
Price: 5000 - 5010
Profit/Month: 180%
Profit/Year: 200%
Price: 10000 - 10010
Profit/Month: 200%
Profit/Year: 220%
Price: 50000 - 50010
Profit/Month: 220%
Profit/Year: 240%
Price: 100000 - 100010
Profit/Month: 240%
Profit/Year: 280%

How Hedge Fund Works

FX hedge Fund

High Priority Investment Product

What is a hedge Fund ?

First, let’s answer the question that likely brought you here. A hedge fund isn’t a specific type of investment. Rather, it is a pooled investment structure set up by a money manager or registered investment advisor. Billionaires like Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham grow their wealth by managing Hedge Funds and investing in other’s hedge fund as well.

What does a Ahscap Hedge Fund do ?

Ahscap System fund manager raises money from outside investors and then invests it according to whatever strategy he or she has promised to use. Our Hedge Fund specializes in foreign currencies, that means we invest in foreign currencies by buying and selling currencies, our fund can also earn profit even if the market is down.

How Fund Manager Works

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